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2023 in Zinal, Val d'Annivers, Valais, Switzerland

The 31th edition of the gay hiking holidays in the Alps (Bergwandercamp, BWC) 2023 will take place from Saturday, July 15 to Saturday, August 19 2023 in Zinal (Switzerland, canton of Valais), in the d'Anniviers valley. Zinal is a charming Valais village at the foot of the highest peaks of the majestic Couronne Impériale, including the Matterhorn. Our guest house Auberge Les Bondes  is in the Rue des Cinq 4000, the “street of the five four thousenders”, indicating that hiking challenges are not far. The property of our group house borders on the small river Navizence. This is a beautiful location, because from the meadow behind the house we will hear the relaxing babbling of the brook in the background.

More details of the accomodation are available on the website .

The Val d'Annivieres is a side valley of the Rhone near Sierre in French-speaking Valais. Zinal is located at the end of the valley about 30 km from Sierre and can be reached by car or by bus. In the valley there are easy routes to hike. You can explore other places in the Val d'Anniviers by bus or gondola using a guest card. At the southern end of the valley there is the Zinal Glacier. From there it is not far to the Italian border. To the east and west of Zinal you can climb mountains higher than 3000 m. Zinal itself is at an altitude of 1662 m.

Registration for Bergwandercamp 2023 at Zinal will probably open in February 2023. If your e-mail address is not on our announcing list yet, please send an e-mail to

Pictures: Zinal Glacier: © Günter Seggebäing, CC BY-SA 3.0, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons; Guest house:

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